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Business Role: Exporter

Business Certification
This member has NOT been TradeSafe Verified.
Trust Certification provides transparency regarding the identity and legitimacy of your trading partners on Only companies whose business information has been verified by a third-party source are TradeSafe Verified.

TradeSafe Tips

At, we want you and your trading partners to make informed business decisions. TradeSafe Tips are designed to help you take advantage of to identify trading partners that are professional and trustworthy. In addition to reading the information below, TradeStaff have published information from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center on preventing online fraud.

1 - Know Your Trade Partner
2 - Prepare a Clear Contract
3 - Protect Yourself Against Payment Risk
4 - Don't Expect or Send Free Samples
5 - Avoid Shipping Risk
6 - Be Wary of Over Generous Offers

TradeSafe Verification has partnered with leading business credit agencies - like Dun & Bradstreet - to provide authentication and verification of members. In order to be TradeSafe Verified, will submit an inquiry to the most suitable business reporting agency to authenticate and verifiy the information below.

TradeSafe Verification Ensures:
  • The company name is legally registered
  • The business is located at the address provided
  • The contact person works for the company
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