How to Import


Purchasing on is easy. When simplified, it can be done in two ways: A) by means of proactively seeking sellers within the community, -and- B) by responding to the requests of interested suppliers. For more descriptive instructions, click here (5 Steps to Importing).

Follow these basic guidelines to begin importing:

A) Proactive Purchase

  1. Search Suppliers via. . .
  2. Keyword Input Box - The most common and effective way to search. Type relevant terms and keywords into this box to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Browsing Export Leads - Browse export leads posted by members of the community that are willing to sell you your desired products.
  4. Browsing Products - Latest products uploaded onto can be viewed on the Products Tab. To browse products you’re interested in buying, click on relevant product categories indexed along the left-side margin of the home page.
  5. Username Recommendations and Marketing Names - Met a supplier online that’s an member? Met him or her in the community forums? Simply type his or her marketing name before “” (ie. to browse his or her selection of products and exporting leads.
  6. Contact Suppliers
    Once you find what you’re looking for, you can either send an inquiry immediately, or save it for later by adding it to your Inquiry Basket. You can also use the Inquiry Basket to send multiple inquiries to various suppliers.

B) Reactive Purchase

  1. Post Buying Leads
    To have suppliers contact you instead of actively pursuing them, you will need to post buying leads, or “import leads”. Import leads are similar to listings in the classifieds section of a newspaper, where you indicate what you are searching for, what quantities, and other additional requirements to potential sellers.
  2. Check Inbox
    Be sure to check your messages and e-mail notifications of any inquiries regarding your desired product and pricing negotiations.

Enhance Your Importing Experience
After finding yourself comfortable with these basic functions, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the site’s additional features and benefits. For instance, upgrading your account with a Marketing Name, or building networks by engaging in the community forum.


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Create Product Requests

Describe the products your company buys. Create a list of products you import (Trade Products) and advertise products needed now (Trade Leads). All Free Members can add up to 3 Trade Products and 3 Trade Leads within the marketplace.

To add a Trade Product or Trade Lead, simply join now or log in. Then, from My Account > Trade Pages, click the "Edit" button. Be sure to use the industry category and enter keywords that suppliers are most likely to search. Once listed, your products will also show in search results of online search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and others.

Search for Suppliers

Finding new international suppliers is simple with and it can even be fun. First, decide if you want to search for companies (Trade Pages), in product catalogs (Trade Products) or in newly posted product offers (Trade Leads). Then, you can click on industry links or use keywords to find suppliers fast. Refine your search by using the Search Bar Tool to find just suppliers and go even deeper by searching specific countries.


Find companies that sell the products you need. Search Trade Pages, the International Directory of Importers & Exporters. The directory is classified into 14 major industries, with over 1000 detailed product categories. From the homepage or Trade Pages tab, click on your industry, then select a more specific product group to find companies that offer products that interest you.

You can always refine your Trade Pages search by typing keywords into the Search bar. In the drop-down menu, select "Exporters" to search companies that manufacture, distribute, and/or wholesale the products you need. You can also find companies by searching for exporters in a specific country.

Trade Products

Browse product catalogs to find exporters in different countries. In the Search bar, select Trade Products "To Export". Use this search tool with a keyword search or industry search. You can also search for exporters from specific countries.

 Trade Leads

Search SELL Trade Leads to source current offers from international suppliers. Once you do an industry or keyword search, in the Search bar, select Trade Leads "SELL". Refine your search by country, if desired.

Search Examples

  1. Find t-shirt exporters worldwide.
    Search: TradePages. Clothing & Fashion > T-Shirts. Exporters.
  2. Find sports shoe suppliers in China.
    Search: TradeProducts. Clothing & Fashion > Footwear > Running & Sport Shoes. To Export. Country: China.
  3. Get new international offers for olive oil.
    Search: TradeLeads. Keyword: Olive Oil. Offers to SELL.
Contact Suppliers

Contacting suppliers is as easy as sending email. When you find a potential supplier, click the “Contact Member” button in the top right corner of the Trade Page. This company will receive an email with your requirements and questions.

If your company is not registered, you can send your message and join by completing one simple form.

Free (bronze) members can contact other members that are listed in the same industry. This helps ensure that members only receive qualified email inquiries. For example, T-shirt suppliers can only contact companies registered in the Clothing & Fashion industry. To contact a potential supplier, be sure you have listed a Trade Product or Trade Lead in the same industry.

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