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Importer, Exporter
Toli Cvba   
Toli is an importing and exporting representative. We deal in food/non food products such as: Grocery , Drugstore , Delicacies , Sweets , Kraft , Nestlé... More»
Agri. Food & Beverage Home Products Health & Beauty Industrial Products Chemicals & Plastics Business Products
Yiwu Hengli Non-Staple Products CO.   
Zhejiang yiwu hengli non-staple products CO., LTD is the franchisee of Tsingtao Beer, Blue Ribbon beer, Lanbao beer, Pearl river lager beer, Jianlibao, Milk Drink, Boka drinks, Wanglaoji tea, Huaxia changcheng Claret and Gujing wine.
Free Member Agri. Food & Beverage
Results 1-2 of 2 Trade Pages. Pages: 1 
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