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I-3W Trading Group

Last Login: 2008-10-13
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Middle traders in all commodities and brand name products, worldwide.

Chemicals & Plastics Chemicals & Plastics
Petrochemicals & Related Products
Crude Oil & Fuel Oil

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United States

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  Molybdenum Di (2-Ethylhexyl) Phosph   
POUPC 1001 MoDDP (MoDTP) is an organic Molybdenum compound which impartsbetter EP-antiwear, friction reduction and antioxidant properties to lubricants. It can provide good protection for engines,...
Chemicals & Plastics Chemicals & Plastics>> Petrochemicals & Related Products
Active Member
  Coal Tar Pitch   
Best quality & price! Include: Improved pitch / Modified pitch High temperature coal tar pitch Middle temperature coal tar pitch Sphericity/Pellet coal tar pitch Particular pitch made to order...
Chemicals & Plastics Chemicals & Plastics>> Petrochemicals & Related Products>> Bitumen, Coal & Coke
Active Member
  Lpg Pressure Vessels   
We bharattanks dot com , lpgfillingstation dot com supply LPG filling plant, LPG Installation plant, LPG Bottling plant, LPG Refilling plant, lpg tank installation, lpg gas tank installation, lpg...
Chemicals & Plastics Chemicals & Plastics>> Petrochemicals & Related Products>> Petroleum Product Agents
Active Member
"We joined at the beginning of this year and have concluded a business deal. The site has helped us further expand our overseas markets." - Shanghai Hong Yun Tea Co.

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