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US files WTO piracy complaints against China - Trade Blog

US files WTO piracy complaints against China

Washington has been pounding the table to try to get Beijing to clamp down on copyright infringement, intellectual property piracy and counterfeiting. But now the U.S. has decided that talking tough just isn't enough. On Apr. 10 it took the fight to the next level by filing a pair of formal complaints with the World Trade Organization.<br />
<br />
U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab announced the filing of two formal complaints with the World Trade Organization alleging that China is not doing enough to protect intellectual property. <br />
<br />
Predictably, Beijing is peeved. A statement posted on the Chinese Ministry of Commerce's Web site warned that the WTO action will "bring an unfavorable impact on bilateral trade."<br />
<br />
"Piracy and counterfeiting levels in China remain unacceptably high," Schwab said Apr. 9 in announcing the new cases, "Inadequate protection of intellectual-property rights in China costs U.S. firms and workers billions of dollars each year".<br />
<br />
One worrying trend is that almost no product is immune to copycats these days. In a recent raid on a printing factory in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, police seized bogus packaging and labels for Coca-Cola bottles, Wrigley's chewing gum, Trix breakfast cereal, and Purina cat food. And it's not just unsuspecting consumers who are at risk. Executives on the ground in China say counterfeiters are moving up the value chain, turning out sophisticated electrical components and machinery aimed at industrial users.<br />
<br />
Though China may be ground zero in the production of fake DVDs, pharmaceuticals, phone batteries, and luxury handbags, counterfeiting is a global business that requires a global solution. Whether the U.S. and China find a way to fight this problem together in the name of better trade relations remains to be seen. <br />
<br />
"It's an international problem, so we need to work not just on the producers and exporters in China, but also on the importers and buyers outside China," says Jack Chang, Shanghai-based chairman of the Quality Brands Protection Committee, a grouping of 170 companies pressing for greater intellectual-property protections in China.<br />
<br />
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The problem is very simple and has always been that simple. China has always manufactured bogus things of all kinds and they seem to have gotten away with it without penalty. China blames everybody and everything but themselves for their problems.<br />
<br />
They are the &quot;leaders&quot; of the world who knowingly support export of bogus products. They have been doing this for over twenty years both directly and indirectly through their HK and their &quot;hopefully&quot; Taiwan.<br />
<br />
China wants one thing of real importance to them and that's the *USA dollar*,and they do not care how they acquire it.<br />
<br />
China got started in the International community of business about twenty years ago in earnest. They did then what they are doing now and will continue to do forever. This in spite of the fact that they complain that it is never China but, the other countries who are guilty of exporting fake items.<br />
<br />
The way China got started in intenational business and in development was by buying products and factories, etc... These items would be shipped back to China to be duplicated. <br />

#1 Erin Sen on 2007-04-16 12:14 (Reply)

It is not only China that have pirates, but also <strong>Malaysia</strong> - <strong>Bangladesh</strong> - <strong>India</strong> - <strong>Singapur</strong> (one &quot;Micro-.....&quot; company in Singapur, is not not only pirated, but also cheat the consumers), <strong>Mexica</strong> and few others...<br />
<br />
You as a buyer, shop owner or artist must be warned about, and simply <strong>NOT DEAL</strong> with those countries. Ignore <strong>ALL</strong> their offers, and products. This is the best weapon against them!

#2 Lionel Bridge (Homepage) on 2007-04-25 20:49 (Reply)

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#3 infodriveindia (Homepage) on 2007-06-01 03:00 (Reply)

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